Custom Silicone Bracelets -- The hottest fashion, fundraising and awareness product by Brainchild Products, LLC.
Custom Silicone Bracelets -- The Industry Leader for silicone wristbands and rubber bracelets   Custom Silicone Bracelets -- The Industry Leader for silicone wristbands and rubber bracelets
Custom Silicone Bracelets -- The Industry Leader for silicone wristbands and rubber bracelets
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Custom Bracelets: With a minimum quantity of only 5, customers can purchase the highest quality silicone wristbands available today in the quantities they need. Custom Silicone Thumb Rings: These are the newest silicone trend and an exciting new way to captivate the attention of your potential audience! Custom RadBandz: RadBandz give people the option to wear a colorful bracelet with a statement on it. Customize your bold band for any occasion.
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Debossed 100% Silicone Bracelets
Not Imitation latex or Soft PVC like many are offering.
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Over the past few years, the custom silicone bracelet ( silicone bracelets ) has become a powerful medium for organizations, schools, foundations and sports programs worldwide to raise money and promote their message or cause! Commonly referred to as the silicone bracelet, rubber wristband, silicone wristband , rubber bracelet, rubber bracelets, silicone rubber bracelets , charity bracelet , charity wristband,, silicone bracelets, or silicone rubber wristbands, this extraordinary promotional / awareness medium is here to stay.

Silicone bracelets are inexpensive colorful jewelry items, at the same time, durable and comfortable to wear. They have become a fashion craze both because of their appearance and the messages they impart. The different colors of silicone bracelets represent different societal causes, from finding a cure for a particular disease to raising environmental consciousness.

What are some of the reasons people use Custom Silicone Bracelets?

* Use Personalized Silicone Bracelets to generate school spirit and pride.
* Use meaningful colors and custom messages for your next fundraising event.
* Use your fully Customized Rubber Wristbands as giveaways at tradeshows.
* Use them to raise awareness about your product, service, or cause.
* Use Custom Silicone Bracelets to celebrate special events.
* Use them as keepsakes.
* Use them to honor someone's memory (In Loving Memory of...)

The explosive success of the Lance Armstrong Foundation's "livestrong" rubber bracelet has made rubber wristbands (silicone bracelets): the hottest fashion, fundraising, and promotional product sweeping the globe. More than 65 million people worldwide own a LIVESTRONG bracelet in support cancer awareness. The Lance Armstrong Foundation has used awareness bracelets ( silicone bracelets ) to raise millions of dollars and ons of awareness for their cause and now you can do the same.

Now with a minimum order of only 5, customers can purchase the highest quality personalized silicone bracelets available today in the quantities they need. Your organization can express your individual message, logo or cause in a way that fits your budget.

Custom Silicone Bracelets hopes to be your one-stop-shop for custom silicone keychains, custom silicone rings, silicone wristbands, custom silicone bracelets, the rubber wristband and stock silicone wristbands. However you choose to refer to them by name, awareness wristbands ( silicone bracelets ) are a medium that is here to stay!

Customized bracelets – We offer two standard styles of the custom rubber wristbands. One is the conventional silicone bracelet that comes as a single silicone wristband. The other bracelet is the intertwined silicone bracelet which links two rubber wristbands ( silicone bracelets ) together, doubling the options for the organization to make their bracelet unique to better promote the cause.  On both styles you can integrate different colors and color patters.

We offer a host of color options that you can choose for your custom rubber wristband. In case you are opting for solid colors you can choose from almost one thousand colors that we have displayed in the color chart . If you are ordering more than 500 custom silicone bracelets you can opt for swirl, tied dye and vertical stripes
Customers not looking to purchase custom silicone bracelets may find what they are looking for in our wide array of in stock items offered through our online store.

Other companies claim to have the lowest price on custom silicone bracelets, only to mislead customers with hidden setup and shipping costs. We eliminate the confusion with a simple guarantee: absolutely no hidden charges.

Custom Silicone Bracelets, SillyBrandz Global, LLC. has produced more than 30 million silicone bracelets to date. Our satisfied customers are from all walks of life; PTA members needing custom silicone bracelets to raise funds for booster clubs for schools; classmates or co-workers gathering together in order to raise funds for a fellow student or co-worker using silicone bracelets; sports teams using silicone bracelets to create unity or team spirit between teamates, friends and fans; silicone bracelets have been used for political campaigns of all scales; bands or verious musical groups have made silicone bracelets with their name and logo on the bracelet; non-profit organizations have made silicone bracelets to support their cause; world organization have used silicone bracelets to spread awareness for the cause, government offices use the silicone bracelets to help pass levy(s), silicone bracelets have been used as a VIP ticket for evnets in nightclubs and schools; friends use 2 silicone bracelets to signify friendship or relationships; silicone bracelets can be used as a birthday gift or party favor to enhance the celebration; silicone bracelets have bec ome a staple on the wrist of a large portion of the world's population and the future only knows who will be wearing silicone bracelets.

In addition, SillyBrandz Global, LLC. is proud to announce the Animal Rubber Band: colorful Animal Rubber Bands ( or Silly bandz) are made of silicone and die molded in many different fun shapes. These Rubber Bands return to their original shape when you take them off the item they're holding (or off of your wrist). Pick from Zoo Animals, Pets, fun shapes or our zany Underwear Category! Animal Rubber Bandscome in a Packs of 24 assorted colors and shapes, Wear them, collect them, or trade with friends. Great stocking stuffer for kids!
SillyBrandz Global, LLC is also proud to introduce the iJacket: A customizable iPod case made of a soft, flexible yet rigid silicone material that is durable enough to withstand scrapes, scratches and provide protection while still allowing the user to access the iPod’s unique touch-sensitive click wheel surface to control volume or browse music. Your iPod, your design and the sky is the limit: Customizing an iJacket at allows the iPod owner to customize an iJacket using a logo, high resolution photograph, or just standard text.

New from SillyBrandz Global is the Silly Slapz Slap Watch is a watch that comes in a variety of colors. It also has a unique feature that includes a removeable face. Followed by the removable face, there can be many different combinations of colors to wear on your wrist. It is very unique, because no other watches are able to be slapped onto your wrist or be made of silicone. When it is slapped onto your wrist, you can always remove it with no trouble.

The Silly Slapz Slap Watch come with different sizes. It is a perfect gift for all ages. The Silly Slapz Slap Watch has been inspired from the slap bracelets dating back to the 90's. In the 90's, the slap bracelets were very popular to all ages. Now, it can even more popular, with slap watches, and a combination of colors!

Custom Silicone Bracelets , custom iJackets and SillyBrandz Global, LLC., takes pride in offering the finest quality product, fastest turnaround and the industries highest level of customer service.

The fastest turnaround in the silicone bracelet industry and the lowest Minimum quantity on the web, 5 (five). No mold fees. We are the industry leaders. We produce the highest quality silicone bracelets!

We also produce Custom Silly Bandz Visit for more info!
For custom items, we may be able to turn your product around in 24 hours, depending apon production capabilities. Please call 1-800-921-8661 to speak to a customer service rep. We are the fastest in the business!
Let us know what we can do to earn your business!

For any and all of your Promotional product / promotional products needs:
Call SillyBrandz Global, LLC. toll free within the U.S. at 800-921-8661

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